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Create and deliver outstanding email campaigns.      
                                 It’s so easy to stay INCONTACT™

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5 Great Reasons to use INCONTACTPRO™

   It Works... actually, works is an understatement.

Based on research by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing returned an incredible $48.29 for every dollar spent in 2007. To put this in perspective, that's more than double other forms of online marketing and more than 6 times from print catalogs.

   It's Cost Effective

Once your templates are setup, the big savings start! Without printing and postal costs, you can get your professionally designed message delivered for around 7 cents per specifically targeted recipient.

   It's Immediate

Email generates an immediate response, no waiting for the postman or your local newspaper. The majority of your recipients will see your message in the first 24-48 hours.

   It's Completely Measurable

More than any other form of marketing, email can provide actionable data on the results it generates. Keep track of who opened your email and when, what topics they were interested in, who forwarded it on to a friend, how many sales were generated and much more.

   It's Easy

INCONTACTPRO™ can easily be integrated into your existing website and most of it’s management processes are completely automated. Our simple to use authoring tools and templates give you all the flexibility you need to create professional campaigns in a snap.

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